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"China's Major-Country Diplomacy" applauded by Chinese audience abroad

BEIJING, Sept. 3 (Xinhua) -- Overseas Chinese communities applaud the hot broadcast "China's Major-Country Diplomacy" that displays the remarkable diplomatic achievements China has made over the past five years.

The recently screened six-episode feature documentary on China's diplomacy led by Chinese President Xi Jinping arouses heated discussions among Chinese diplomats, peacekeepers and ethnic Chinese living in overseas countries.

China's diplomatic efforts boosted by "innovative notions" from Xi since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China in 2012, such as building a community of shared destiny for mankind and the Belt and Road Initiative to seek common development and prosperity, "are greeted with widespread welcome in the international community," Chinese Ambassador to India Luo Zhaohui said.

"It lifts us up. We take pride in the diplomatic practices that feature peaceful development and win-win cooperation," said Hong Lei, Chinese consul general in Chicago and previously Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeperson.

As diplomats recall from the documentary the historic moments they witnessed, many Chinese peacekeepers overseas feel inspired to remain committed to their missions amid violence and life threats.

"There is this story about a peacekeeping martyr in an episode. Xi himself tells the story, and it moved me to tears...We shall surely do our best," said Deng Xiaodong, a peacekeeping anti-riot police officer in Libya.

While armed police guard in Afghanistan Zheng Yibin thinks "We are better informed of China's diplomacy through an extensive range of interviews and stories," China Railway Group engineer in charge of the Central Asia office based in Afghanistan Wang Zhiqiang is very impressed with the numbers read in the script.

"Five years, 28 trips, 570,000 km, 193 days, five continents, and 56 countries and major organizations...What a hardworking state leader Xi is," he said, adding that he feel urged to contributing as much as possible to the high quality of China-contracted projects overaseas.

"As average people, we know little about diplomacy. This documentary helps us see the great, condusive role of China in the world," said Li Huiyang, the Chinese-side president of the Confucius Institute of the Kabul University, while noting the documentary's storytelling of presenting a broad vision through details.

The documentary overwhelms Li Min, deputy head of the overseas Chinese association in Malta, which provides a diplomatic panorama in "China's relentless efforts towards the Chinese national rejuvenation."

It helps Chen Juheng recall his own experiences at the Malta transit during the 2011 evacuation of Chinese from Libya. Chen, China Cultural Media Group's chief representative in Malta, said, "I myself witnessed the power of China's major-country diplomacy. It sheltered Chinese abroad from dangers."

Chinese scholar currently based in Russia, Bai Sihong, highlighted the "major-country strength, and vision" seen from the documentary. "It's really a big deal to launch the Belt and Road Initiative, and propose building of a community with a shared destiny for mankind, combining China's own development with the world's," he commented.

More importantly, he added, the moves are met with supports from the international community.

"The documentary helps us, all the outsiders, to know about China's diplomatic efforts. I'm now more confident about the future of the China-U.S. relations," said Chinese American Yi Xiaojiao after watching the documentary together with his family.

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