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Interview: China's anti-corruption drive highly praised by global campaigner

JAKARTA, Sept. 2 (Xinhua) -- China's serious efforts to stamp out of corruption from the country has received high appreciation from a global anti-corruption organization, saying China has led global anti-graft drive by demonstrating real examples.

Fadli Zon, president of the Global Organization of Parliamentarians Against Corruption (GOPAC), said what have been carried out in China to combat corruption were responded positively in public from the perspective of international communities and organizations.

"We really appreciated China's examples in combating corruption," as a heavyweight in Indonesia's political arena, Fadli Zon, who is also the Deputy-General Chairman of the Central Committee of Gerindra (Great Indonesia Movement Party) and the Deputy-Speaker of Indonesian Parliament, told Xinhua in an exclusive interview.

Fadli Zon said corruption is not easy to be avoided and eradicated completely in developing countries.

Fadli Zon added that China's anti-corruption drive has become a priority in discussions related to efforts to eradicate corruption in the world.

Impartiality in corruption eradication, like China has applied so far, would inspire other countries in their anti-corruption drives.

"Its anti-corruption drive is conducted on impartiality basis. It means that you don't cover your friend who committed corruption. Whoever committing corruption is equal before the law," he added.

Fadli Zon said corruption is very harmful for any country, particularly grand corruption which conducted massively by officials in a country.

"People in grass root level would be suffered most as the corruption resulted in huge loss of state budget which is supposed to be used for financing people's livelihood," Fadli Zon added.

Fadli Zon praised that the Communist Party of China (CPC) led Chinese people to get remarkable achievements.

China has grown up to the second largest economy of the world, and has become the major politic and economic role in the world stage.

Fadli Zon believed that China's great achievements can not be made without CPC's continuing anti-corruption.

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