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Legalization Procedures


 Step 1  Have your document notarized by a local notary public .

 Step 2 Send the documents, notarized by notaries, to the Legalization office of the Ministry of Foreign Affair of Egypt.

 Step 3 After completing the initial stage of notarization and legalization, submit the documents to the Chinese Embassy or Consulates for legalization.

 All rights of explanation of the above contents are reserved to the Chinese Embassy and Consulates. 


Documents to be Submitted


If the documents issued in Egypt are to be used in China, they need to be legalized. You may apply in person or entrust someone else to apply for legalization at the Chinese Embassy. Documents you need to prepare for the legalization include:


1. A completed Application Form of Consular Legalization

2. The document to be authenticated, submit both the original and a complete set of photocopy.

3. For individual documents, please provide one passport copy of the applicant; for corporate documents/business licenses, please provide a document which proves his or her legal status as the company's legal representative and one passport copy of the legal representative of the company.

4. If your application is submitted by an agent, please include one copy of the agents' passport/ID.

5. Documents containing two or more pages must be stapled together and sealed properly by the notary office. The Embassy and Consulates will not legalize a document if it fails to meet the format standards or is found forged, counterfeited or altered;

6. Your valid passport and a photocopy of your passport;

7. Other supporting documents a consular officer may request.


Download Application Forms

Please fill out the form truthfully, completely and clearly in Capitalized English on the computer and use either an inkjet or laser printer to print the completed form.


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