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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hong Lei's Regular Press Conference on January 27, 2011

On the afternoon of January 27, 2011, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hong Lei held a regular press conference.

Q: US President Obama mentioned China four times in his State of the Union address. How do you comment? And what is your opinion on the current demonstrations and riots in Egypt? Will the Foreign Ministry issue a travel advisory?

A: President Hu Jintao's successful state visit to the US last week charted a clear course for the future development of bilateral relations, enhanced strategic mutual trust between China and the US, promoted bilateral practical cooperation across the board, strengthened communication and coordination on major international and regional issues, and reached the goal of improving mutual trust, strengthening friendship, deepening cooperation and building China-US cooperative partnership based on mutual respect and mutual benefit.

A stronger China-US relationship serves the common interests of the two countries, and is conducive to world peace, development and stability. We will promote the development of positive, cooperative and comprehensive China-US relations and work with the US to build a cooperative partnership based on mutual respect and mutual benefit, with a view to opening a new chapter in bilateral relations.

Egypt is a friendly country of China. China follows the situation in Egypt and hopes it will maintain social stability and normal order.

Q: Mandela is reportedly not in good health. How do you respond?

A: Mr. Mandela is an old friend of the Chinese people. We hope he stays in good health.

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