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China and Japan Reach Principled Consensus on the East China Sea Issue

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Jiang Yu announces on June 18 that, China and Japan have reached principled consensus on the East China Sea issue through consultation on equal footing. 

I Cooperation Between China and Japan in the East China Sea

In order to make the East China Sea, of which the delimitation between China and Japan is yet to be made, a "sea of peace, cooperation and friendship", China and Japan have, in keeping with the common understanding reached by leaders of the two countries in April 2007 and their new common understanding reached in December 2007, agreed through serious consultations that the two sides will conduct cooperation in the transitional period prior to delimitation without prejudicing their respective legal positions. The two sides have taken the first step to this end and will continue to conduct consultations in the future.

II Understanding Between China and Japan on Joint Development of the East China Sea

As the first step in the joint development of the East China Sea between China and Japan, the two sides will work on the following:

I. The block for joint development shall be the area that is bounded by straight lines joining the following points in the order listed:

1. Latitude 29º31′ North, longitude 125º53′30〞East

2. Latitude 29º49′ North, longitude 125º53′30〞East

3. Latitude 30º04′ North, longitude 126º03′45〞East

4. Latitude 30º00′ North, longitude 126º10′23〞East

5. Latitude 30º00′ North, longitude 126º20′00〞East

6. Latitude 29º55′ North, longitude 126º26′00〞East

7. Latitude 29º31′ North, longitude 126º26′00〞East

II. The two sides will, through joint exploration, select by mutual agreement areas for joint development in the above-mentioned block under the principle of mutual benefit. Specific matters will be decided by the two sides through consultations.

III. To carry out the above-mentioned joint development, the two sides will work to fulfill their respective domestic procedures and arrive at the necessary bilateral agreement at an early date.

IV. The two sides have agreed to continue consultations for the early realization of joint development in other parts of the East China Sea.

III Understanding on the Participation of Japanese Legal Person In the Development of Chunxiao Oil and Gas Field In Accordance with Chinese Laws

Chinese enterprises welcome the participation of Japanese legal person in the development of the existing oil and gas field in Chunxiao in accordance with the relevant laws of China governing cooperation with foreign enterprises in the exploration and exploitation of offshore petroleum resources.

The governments of China and Japan have confirmed this, and will work to reach agreement on the exchange of notes as necessary and exchange them at an early date. The two sides will fulfill their respective domestic procedures as required.

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